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Angels 4 Austin

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In honor of my own angel, Austin Davis Strauss, Angels 4 Austin provides small comforts and supportive resources for the families of premature or sick infants, and for those who have been affected by infant loss.

Often a profoundly difficult and isolating experience, a family’s life changes drastically when they are confronted with the traumatic and unexpected challenges of having a baby in the NICU. As the champion of Austin’s legacy, Angels 4 Austin strives to give hope and strength to these families, and help them to feel less alone during an extraordinarily difficult time.


All donations in memory of Austin will be earmarked to support research for Pediatric Polycystic Kidney Disease within the UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute





In the days after announcing Austin’s birth, a follower and former NICU mom reached out to me and offered to send me an Angel Dear Lovie – the softest, sweetest little blanket – that I could leave with my Austin when we were apart. As I was still attempting to process my new reality, feeling completely helpless and struggling with separation from my new baby, this amazing mom shared some insight that I hadn’t considered: The sense of smell is one of the first senses to develop, starting in the womb.

Exposing babies to the scent of their parents is a crucial part of early development, a process that is complicated when your baby is in the NICU and, in many cases, can’t be held. But, she gave me hope – I could transfer my scent to the lovie by sleeping with it and then leaving it with Austin when I wasn’t able to be with him physically. Smelling me on the lovie would bring Austin comfort and help him to feel more connected to me – and brought me so much relief just knowing that I could do something real to help him feel safe.

In honor of Austin, and in gratitude for Laura Grimes - the mom who so graciously reached out to me, comforted me and has inspired me, I’m proud to launch Angels 4 Austin’s first initiative: Angels 4 Austin x Angel Dear.

This month, EF Collection will donate 500 Lovies to the 3 NICU’s that cared for Austin: Cedars Sinai, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The amazing Angel Dear team will match our lovie donations, providing even more comfort for NICU babies and their families, bonding them together during such a difficult time. With every donation received in Austin’s name, no matter how big or small, EFC will purchase and donate an Angel Dear Lovie for a NICU family. In addition, with every order made on through May 31, an Angel Dear Lovie will be purchased and donated to a family with a baby in the NICU.