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Maureen Choi

Maureen Choi is a writer, editor, and the current beauty director of Violet Grey.

Her hoarding of lipstick and eyelashes can be traced back to her years as a dancer with the San Francisco ballet, where she tested hundreds of products on an off stage.

Prior to joining Violet Grey, she spent ten years in the beauty world as an editor for Glamour & Marie Claire.

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Favorite Beauty Must-Have Of The Moment?

I love the look of beautifully-buffed, tidy and clean nails. I'll kick things up this summer with a deep taupe nail polish. It's an unexpected way to do taupe and the kind of shade that goes with everything.

Name One Thing You Can't Live Without...

It's a proven fact that sunscreen keeps your skin looking younger, longer. That's why I'm a total freak about sun protection, rain or shine. This kit provides SPF 50 for my face lips, and full body.

What Does Your Inflight Beauty Routine Look Like?

My beauty M.O. when travelling is to hydrate as humanly as possible. I always do a serum soaked sheet mask before, during, and sometimes after a flight to keep that stale cabin air from sucking the life out of my face

What Is Your Go-To Travel Accessory?

Because you can never have enough sun protection...
I love this classic bucket hat with a cowboy twist.