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Meet Amy B. Mizrahie, celebrity closet organizer extraordinaire & founder of StyleLease.

Amy has styled and edited the magnificent closets of both men and women celebrities, everyday mom's, tech gurus, girl bosses, music moguls...the list goes on.

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What Is Your Go-To Everyday Essential?

There is nothing like a good pair of classic jeans. That's what I love most about Re/Done. They reinvented the classic jean with a modern twist.

What Is One Thing Everyone Should Have In Their Closet?

One big tip I suggest to all of my clients is to use the same hangers in your closet. It keeps your space looking like a showroom. I prefer black velvet hangers because they will create the most organized look.

What Are You Looking Forward To Wearing Most This Season?

I always loved wearing floral dresses, but now with my daughter Lily,
they have much more meaning.

Name One Thing You Can't Live Without...

Block heel sandals have been my jam for the past several years. They can elevate any jean or dress without trying too hard. I love suggesting them to clients who may not want to be overly dressed up, but want to wear something other than flats.