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Beth Stewart

Growing up, Beth Stewart was bathed in light and color. Literally. Her father, a manufacturer of lamps and illumination systems, filled the Stewart home with his prototypes. Those tones and textures percolated within Beth through her school years in Boston and her advertising career in New York and Los Angeles.

Embracing a style that balances broad brush strokes, splattering and pouring, that evoke the influences of Pollack and Basquiat, Beth imbues her work with an honesty that is both heartfelt and transcendent.

Beth launched Heart X Soul, a painted vintage denim jacket label that speaks to the essence of Beth’s art.

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What Is Your Go-To Everyday Accessory?

My Stella McCartney platform shoes are my everyday shoe.
At 5 feet tall, I love a little height.

Favorite LA Designer?

I love Elisabeth Weinstock. I have a hand painted backpack that fits all of my essentials. So easy, so chic!

What Is Your Go-To Travel Essential?

I love to travel with ease...why not in style?
My LV bag is a must! Iconic and will last forever.

Name One Thing You Can't Live Without...

I stand out in a crowd with my Selima Et Benjamin sunglasses,
they complete every outfit.