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Diamond Custom Name Necklace Charm

SKU EF-60719P-115664
$ 375.00

Our diamond custom name necklace charm allows you to choose up 10 diamond letters to create a custom, one of a kind piece! Set in 14k gold, the custom necklace charm can be comprised of letters A-Z. 

2 letter selection ex: EM
3 letter selection ex: EMI
4 letter selection ex: EMIL
5 letter selection ex: EMILY
6 letter selection ex: EMILYF
7 letter selection ex: EMILYFA
8 letter selection ex: EMILYFAI
9 letter selection ex: EMILYFAIT
10 letter selection ex: EMILYFAITH

  • Please allow 7-8 weeks for delivery 
  • For custom orders exceeding 10 letter please email: 
  • Chain not included
Color: 14k Yellow Gold
Select the amount of letters you'd like on your charm using the dropdown
and write your custom name in the box below.